Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What’s the Place of Drama in the Paranormal World?

I’ve been very fortunate.  I got back involved in the paranormal world through westcoastghosthunters.com, a friend’s international web community that has a focus on being respectful drama free.  Through this site I have become good friends with many people and teams from all over the world, all with the same respect for one another, and open-mindedness.  These teams operate well together, have great communications, and even when things get rough, there isn’t any drama, there’s respect and understanding. 

This being said, I have noticed that there are some teams who seem to attract and dwell on drama.  These teams often seem to have a different feel to their internal and external interactions, often resulting in hurt feelings and misunderstandings.

What are your thoughts on the place of  DRAMA in the paranormal community and why do you think it’s there in some groups and not others? Do you think this drama within or between teams affects the entities we may encounter in our investigations?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Psychics and Paranormal Investigations

As a psychic, I might have a slightly biased opinion of the place of psychics in paranormal investigations.  My thought is that the psychic is just as valuable as the hard evidence.  A good psychic can add depth and dimension to the investigation and can open fields of exploration that could not happen when instruments alone are used or valued.  While it’s true that psychic input on it’s own is not hard evidence, when it is linked to historic or photographic documentation that the psychic didn’t have knowledge of, or if there are independent experiences over time that support the psychic impression, then those impressions can be taken as accurate and do have weight in the investigation. 

The psychic can add the personal and the art to the investigation, bringing in the personality of the entities, and the thoughts, emotions and lives of those involved.  In my opinion, a good, well rounded investigation consists of both scientific and psychic documentation and techniques.

Let me know your thoughts!