Monday, September 17, 2012

Wanted - a World Wide Shift to a More Humane Planet

If we don’t have a worldwide shift in consciousness, away from hate, greed, xenophobia, ignorance and judgment, we won’t have a world left to live in; at least not one worth living in.  We need a shift focusing on the true values of the universe and creation – humanity, not corporations – equality, not bigotry and prejudice – building people up, not pulling them down – sharing resources, not greed – social and economic justice, not domination – acceptance, not intolerance…. Love and understanding, not hate… so much more – the dead really are often so much easier than the world created by the living.
As people involved with the paranormal, we should be even more aware of the universal connectedness of each and every one of us, and the value we all bring to the world with our gifts, our struggles, our light and our darkness, and our efforts to overcome the setbacks and traumas of life, and learn to be as whole and complete and mature as human beings as we can be.  It’s a life long journey.
Feel free to share your thoughts.