Thursday, August 16, 2012

Do Residential Hauntings Have More Negative Entities Than Other Locations?

I had a conversation last night with a good friend who is a paranormal investigator.  Part of the conversation was the difference she felt doing investigations between homes and other spaces, and why it seemed that the houses had more negative entities than other spaces.  I have a few ideas and would like to hear your thoughts.
It could be that residents with homes that have more positive entities don’t call for investigations as often as those with entities that are more frightening. 
In my experience, as a general rule entities that are of human origin represent only part of the individual’s persona.  They seem to consist of the energy and personality that the individual most exhibited in a specific area.  Negative energy or personality traits seem to be deeper and longer lasting than moments of more positive emotions.  Perhaps in homes, even ones with lots of happy memories, the negative or darker emotions are more deeply ingrained that the positive ones; whereas so many other venues have more activities that are mostly positive so that there are more positive entities in them.
I also think that entities feed on the energy that the living provides in an environment.  It’s possible that residents calling for investigations more often have a tension or other energy that the negative entities feed on. 
Most places I’ve been have a mix of negative and positive – or darker and lighter entities.  Usually, one form is more dominant than the other.  Many simply have the activities of daily life repeating themselves.  All of them deserve respect and understanding.  We are the intruders in their space!
What are your thoughts on the matter?