Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Role of Those Whom Have Gone Before….

I’ve just been through the most painful period of my life to date.  This journey though has given me insight on the assistance and support we can receive from our loved ones after they leave this existence.  I’m not ready to get into personal details, but want to explore a few ideas with you and invite your comments here on my blog.

I find that several of my relatives, including a couple that died long before I was ever thought of, have been around to give comfort and support.  One of them has been often with me for months, if not longer, and I’m very grateful. 

I’ve been seeing now from my own experience that there is a soul group connection between myself and these beings.  It’s more than simply family watching out for and assisting family.  It’s about the community formed in the timeless existence of our souls with a group of others we have close relationship to and are part of the same intimate soul community.

We don’t always have the same relationships with these souls in their incarnated form.  And, we aren’t always incarnated at the same time.  Sometimes, we’re friends, sometimes partners, sometimes parent and child.  Sometimes we were antagonists on this plane, but not on the one where our true beings reside. 

One of the aspects of being psychic I’m so very grateful for is that I can see, hear and feel these loving beings around me so often.  They have helped comfort me in pain, guide me and reassure me and give me insight and understanding; they seem to be assisting me in smoothing the patch or opening doors that are part of my fulfillment of my self.