Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Advantage of Friends From the Other Side

There are many reasons why I am grateful that I allowed my abilities as a psychic to come to the fore and continue to grow.  One of those reasons is the nature of the relationships I have made with so many of the usually unseen beings around us.  I don’t want to use the term ghost, because that implies a specific image to many.  The beings I meet are of many varieties.  Mostly they seem to be part of the personality, intellect, consciousness of people that manifested itself in the location during the person’s life.  Many are of other, non-human (this does not mean demonic!) nature and forms, and some are visiting souls that come back as tourists, visitors, or to communicate with others here – for a variety of reasons. 
By this time, I’ve probably experienced well over a thousand paranormal entities of various forms.  At no time have I encountered anything that I would consider to be a trapped soul.  Mostly I think the concept of trapped souls comes from our cultural and religious shaping and our individual desire to feel like we can and are helping beings on some vital level.  I know many others will disagree with this concept, and I certainly respect their opinions as just as valid as my own.  Mine come from my own research, experience and understanding.  But I digress for the matter of some clarity...  I may address this issue further in a future blog post.
Getting back to my original statement of gratitude, I am very fortunate to have a number of human and paranormal friends in my life.  So many of the living human ones have given so much love, support, friendship, joy, and much more to me over the years.  But the human friends all have one thing in common.  They all have lives (imagine that) other than being at my beck and call.  Part of the joy of the living is that life and relationship are fluid, with people’s needs and abilities changing with the circumstances in life.  That means that no matter how much I care about a friend, or they care about me and want to give support, it’s impossible for us to always be able to give to the other what they need.
With my paranormal friends, the relationships are a bit different.  They don’ have the same state of flux.  I think in large part that is because they are here in more limited and singular focused ways.  This means that they can be more consistent with me, as I can be more consistent with them.  I am more certain of who will be around and who won’t be for different reasons.  And as I can visit them remotely, it is easier to find some company at times when the living are busy with family or have the audacity to sleep, while I toss and turn in bed. 
In no way do the paranormal entities I spend time with replace the living humans that I love and value so much.  But, these “unseen” beings add a richness, support, conversation and understanding that I don’t always get from the living.  I’m so very blessed to be able to participate in both worlds!