Friday, September 5, 2014

Ships at Sea and the Ocean and a Paranormal Theater

By William Becker, 9/5/14

 I had the privilege of spending the Labor Day weekend on the Oregon Coast.  The weather was beautiful, the location was stunning and included long beaches where I could walk for miles.  And not only were the living present, but so where the representatives of the past.

 I often like to stare out at the ocean and see what reveals itself to me.  And, I wasn’t disappointed.  I first saw a sailing ship, weather beaten, no rigging, just the masts and yards.  It was drifting and at first, I couldn’t see anyone on deck.

As I looked at the deck, I could see one or two men in the tattered remains of their clothes.  One of the men might have been dead.  The other man was still alive, but barely.  He had obviously been in the hot sun with no food or water for some time.  It appeared that most of the people who had been on board had died and were no longer on the ship.  I think they had been thrown overboard.  I had a vague sense of a couple of women coming up from below decks, also very tattered clothing, dirty and bedraggled, but seemingly with a little more life left in them.

Behind this ship and a little bit further out to sea, I saw another ship with sails up.  Officers in blue coats.  It looked like they were in pursuit of the derelict ship.  This looked like a search and rescue, not a chase of a pirate ship or naval battle.  The picture was static and didn’t show the ships meeting up.  It was clear though that the search ship had seen the stranded one.

The other ship I saw was right off the point of the mountain reaching into the sea.  It seemed to be sinking stern first.  I didn’t get a look at the people on board.

And, I saw a ship close in with men rowing a boat from it with a chest.  Could it be pirate treasure???

Seeing all of these things psychically is a wonderful experience, but could there be anything know of the areas history that could validate what I saw?  Possibly.

Pirates often raided the Spanish galleons plying the waters of the Pacific.  And yes, the pirates and the galleons did come well up the Oregon Coast as they followed the currents and prevailing winds.  Sir Francis Drake was one of the pirates, working for Queen Elizabeth the first.  He is reported to have come as far north of the Columbia River looking for the Northwest Passage before storms forced him to turn around.  He also is credited with founding a town site on the Oregon Coast for England.  Unfortunately the exact location has been lost.  It’s too bad that I didn’t get a chance to ask him when I saw him briefly as I sat in his favorite pub in Exeter. 

One of the pirate stories from Native American legend of the area is of a ship anchoring and men rowing a small boat to shore and carrying a big chest up onto the mountain.  They had a tall black slave with them and after he dug the hole to bury the treasure, they killed him and buried him on top of the chest to keep the local people from digging it up.

Another story is that a ship carrying the very valuable cargo of beeswax wrecked right about where that mountain is – where I saw the wreck.  The local tribes, then settlers, and even more recent visitors have found beeswax on the beach.

There are also historical records of expeditions being lost, small flotillas separating with rescue ships sent out in search.  The historical records do talk about ships being found in the condition of the derelict I saw, with few if any people on board.  Sometimes all on board were dead.  Sometimes a couple of survivors would be on board nearing death.

Part of what we look for when having a psychic experience is the history or legends of the area to see if there is anything that might back up what the psychic saw.  This is part of how we can give credibility to the reading.   In this case, the history does seem to back up my psychic readings.  I’m grateful for that.

Readings such of this of events taking place in the ocean bring up another question.  Does that vast body of water and minerals, full of life and currents, assist in the storing and revealing of paranormal events?  Is it in a sense a record of the past?

I’ve talked about my theories as to what human based paranormal beings and phenomena are.  Mostly, in my experience and understanding they are energy records, even those that are intelligent and interactive.  Occasionally they are visiting souls or even less often they might be a soul that chooses to hang out here most of the time during this stage of their between life stage.  They are not trapped souls.

That being said, it makes sense to me that the oceans of the world would be excellent conductors of paranormal energy and activity.  With the salt, mineral content and activity of the water, the ocean seems to be a vast battery in a sense that could store the energy released in life, and store it for others who can read the energy to see.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Why are some ancient locations active while others aren’t?

I was struck several times by the same experience on my recent trip overseas.  I’ve written about all the layers of entities I have seen in some ancient locations.  I expected that.  But what I found particularly interesting were all the ancient locations that I didn’t pick up anything at all.

 I spent time in some incredible places that I would have thought would have been full of activity, or at least beings to read, and I found them flat with no paranormal energy.  This happened in a variety of places.  I analyzed the locations to see what, if anything they had in common.  Besides centuries or even millennia of constant human habitation, they were all very active with the living at the time.  Some were tourist sites, others just lots of daily activity.

I was wondering if all the activity of the living in the locations could sort of erase the energy left by the past, and affectively wipe out any “ghostly” presence.  That really doesn’t make sense to me as most of the places I visited with similar histories and current activity levels with human interaction did have paranormal records and beings. 

It is possible that the energy is there, and I was just distracted or having an off day and didn’t notice anything.  That certainly happens.  But at this point, I’m just not sure.

Please feel free to leave your comments!  I’m interested in your opinions on this!