Sunday, March 31, 2013

Nighttime in the Realm of the Dead

I had an interesting experience tonight.  I hiked the roughly half mile out an old wagon road that was part of the Oregon Trail to a pioneer cemetery I have knowledge of.  The cemetery had a very peaceful feel to it, even with the entities that were hanging out enjoying themselves.  Not ghosts, not trapped, the spirits are gone, but something of the energy and joy and peace remains; the social feel.

The road in and out is another story.  It was twilight – not quite dark – when I set out.  I don’t like to be there too late incase people hid out there to do drugs, etc.  It’s the living that scare me, not the dead!  It was dark when I left the cemetery and started on my way back. 

Just before the halfway point on the road – it’s really more of a trail – someone tugged at my pant leg, and then just further I got heavy duty chills and my skin started to crawl.  I stopped a bit to see what was going on.  Then I continued to walk as I talked to the entities there.  It was a crowd of Native Americans. 

Local historians claim tens of thousands of Native Americans may have died from diseases that preceded the pioneers to the area.  There was also some very intense tribal warfare in the area long before the settlers arrived, decimating the tribes.  And, before and after the settlers came, there were murders and double dealing. All this activity happened in the location I was passing through.

I did ask them what they wanted.  They want their stories told.  They want the truth about their lives and suffering made known.  Some want a “cleansed” version of the truth that covers up much of the native on native violence and dishonesty, while others want the whole story told.

I think that part of what we can do to honor the beings in these places is to work towards getting the truth out about them and what happened.  That involves historians.  I know what I was shown by the entities, and I know what the local historians say, but I haven’t seen the documentation – if any exists.  So, what I can do is encourage the research and the inclusion of that research in the museums of the area.

I am deliberately vague in this piece about the location, because the cemetery itself has been fenced off, has razor wire and looks like it’s got the fortification of a military encampment because of thrill seekers and vandalism.  So, I can tell the general story here, and remember that when giving my tours, to make sure I tell the hidden history that the City might not want reveled.  This is something we can all do wherever we live – tell the stories of those that went before us, and still protect the sites that need protecting.

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Effect of the Living on the Dead

Sometimes we aren’t aware of how our actions can affect the entities that inhabit a location.  I recently read a location that has had a lot of turmoil over the last few years, including criminal activity, which has affected the ability of the location to continue to exist.

During the time of stress and struggle, there was a great deal of disharmony and strong factions among the entities inhabiting the location.  Some supported some people, others supported others.  And the tension was palpable!

Now that the facts are out and the case resolved, there is healing going on amongst the entities.  That doesn’t mean that there isn’t divided support or criticism of the actions of the people involved.  One entity thinks what happened is great and funny, another thinks how on earth could that have happened, and wants a share!  And the children entities are hiding under things a great deal.  But, they are healing.  There is a sense of humor there now, the factions have dissipated, and though some of the entities will never be buddy buddy with some of the others, there is the beginning of acceptance of each other, who each of the entities are and their place in the location.  The tension is fading as is the fear in some of the entities, particularly the children.  Over time, this healing among the paranormal entities will also give the living that are in the space a better sense of peace and calm. 

Our actions, behavior and emotions – our sense of being and our energy – affect the wellbeing and peace of the entities in a place, just like their presence; their energy and sense of well being affect us.  It’s important not only to live in harmony with the living, but also the dead and other paranormal entities that are around us.