Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Hello and welcome to my blog!  I'm a psychic and paranormal researcher.  I will be updating my blog regularly and welcome discussion on the verious ideas and topics I post. 

Let's start the discussion with: What are the key values you see of a psychic in paranormal research?


  1. I can't recommend William enough. He helped me so much with the loss of my loved ones and was right on with the reading. I highly recommend him and am very thankful for his help! I wish him all the best! Thanks again! Jill

  2. I believe the key values I see of a psycic in paranormal research is to keep an open mind. Trust your abilities and don't put everything off as just your imagination, but don't take it to the point of every feeling being that of a paranormal presence.

  3. I believe the role of a psychic is to be the communicator/interpreter of what is happening? Whilst the machinery can give the 'hard evidence' that there is something definitely there-happening-it can only work two - dimensionally
    and cannot develop any kind of relationship between those wanting
    help or understanding...but also,cannot understand those being sought.A psychic can care and communicate,whilst a machine won't do that-other than display an image caught.It is the psychics work to care and be respectful to 'all beings' seen or other wise-as they receive and bring messages inorder that a happy and healthy environment is either sustained or given.Thankyou.