Monday, April 22, 2013

Describing the indescribable

I think one of the challenges of teaching people to find their own psychic voice is finding ways to describe the indescribable.  I don’t always have the vocabulary to accurately express some of the places I go and feelings I have when doing the work.  I don’t know if the vocabulary exists in the English language.
I was thinking about this the other day as I prepared for my class.  Connecting with that which is within us, yet bigger than us is an important aspect of any spiritual or energy work.  It’s a foundation for grounding, listening and accessing our true selves.  But how to adequately describe what this looks like and feels like to me?  Especially as each person will have their own unique experience with this connection and place of their soul.
For me, there is a place deep within that contains all the universe.  Not just the one we are part of and experience, but it is connected with the parallel universe or dimension as well.  It’s a place is my mind’s eye and a place in my heart chakra area.  It’s the place where I am most connected to my true self – the completeness of my soul.  I connect to this place  - I go there by seeing it and simply knowing it.
It’s from this spot that we grow and evolve as spiritual beings.  It’s the place where we can touch a deeper understanding and level of knowledge, one that is simply “known”, not so much taught.  In my experience, this is an eternal process – one that we work with here on this plane, as well as between lives and on other planes.

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  1. I hear what you're saying. I get asked this a lot - how do I know it when I receive psychic information. I've come up with some truthful answers that seem to satisfy the questioners, but they never come close to providing the entire essence of it. There is a certain ineffability that is part of a broader realm of experiences related to psychic information, metaphysics, and even religion.

  2. Right, thanks so much Karen. There may be other languages that have a more esoteric vocabulary that could more adeptly work with these questions, but I don't know it!