Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The correlation of our past and current lives

I’ve been doing a good bit of work lately with the connection of my past lives and my current one; and the place of my between lives in the picture.  I’m finding that by looking at the past and in between, I can see much of why I am who I am this time, why areas of my life are what they are, and what I am really hear for.  I’ve been working with clients on their life paths as well.

I find that one soul and I have repeatedly shared lives where we have taken turns in the role of the wise soldier/warrior, and the strong but gentle healer teacher.  This back and forth has gone on since pre-Roman, and I think pre-Celtic times in the British Isles, and has continued through various ages till today.

 The two souls together always make a complete whole.  I don’t think I know this soul mate in this life yet.  And, I might not meet him, but the goal is completeness in each of us.  I think he’s already there, and I’m very close.  I’m not quite ready to tell the world what all that contains, but it does involve being a spiritual healer and teacher and guide.  That part is coming to fruition here and is much of what I do between lives.


  1. Interesting post; I've always been fascinated, albeit skeptical of past lives (its not that I DON'T believe, just believe that much of the "evidence" we try to use to prove such can be blamed on cryptomnesia/etc.). Anyway, I was wondering about your use of "he" and "him" in regards to your soul mate. As I am under the impression that generally, souls are considered without gender and may come back as either male or female, I was wondering why you believe that he is sure to be a "he" this time around...or if that's just a way to simplify things?

  2. Hi and thanks for the thoughtful reply. Even though I do past life readings, I too have some skepticism. I know what I read, but what we are giving is only part of a larger picture I think and we can't be positive about anything! We are shown what is appropriate and what we can process. Some of the information we get is probably symbolic – given in a form that we can grasp and visualize. I’m not sure that the human situation in this life can fully grasp the intricacies of full universal consciousness. I’m not sure that we get the full picture even when we leave this existence!
    As far as the gender with this soul mate: This is how he presents himself to me and that's been his gender in the lives we've shared. I would also use the male gender in this situation even if he didn't present to me that way, simply for clarification. But I would notate that.