Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How Do You Know?

How do you know if you have some sort of psychic ability?  That's a question many people struggle with.  Many years ago, I knew I had some abilities and worked on them, but then got a bit overwhelmed and stopped.  Working with ghost tours and investigation teams the last several years, I noticed these skills again, and this time, I had hard evidence to back up what I was getting. 

I remember an investigation out of town.  We were still a hundred and fifty miles away when I saw the setting and the back yard.  We pulled in and it was as I had "seen" some time before. 

I was at Wellington with Karen Frazier, the author, and NWPIA as well as members of my own team.  I started seeing people, getting names and occupations, sensing types of activities, all sorts of strong experiences.  They were matched up one by one with the history in Karen's book, the experiences of others and other historical records.  I knew almost nothing about the place before we arrived.  This was my big aha moment when I knew that I had strong abilities.

I truly believe we all have abilities and knowing how to let them develop and safely use them can add another dimension to our experiences of life.  I feel my life is much more well rounded being able to communicate with these entities.


  1. Growing up, I didn't give this any thought, nor did I think it was different in anyway. It just was. I have seen, been touched, smelled and heard spirits. I've seen Angels, and even dreamt of being in Heaven walking through an indescribable garden with a man in a cloak, when I was a little girl.
    As an adult, I am quite sensitive, but I've learned to put up a wall to block out all energies, but I am slowly learning to allow in some at a time not to feel overwhelmed by everything. As much as being empathic is a blessing, it can be a challenge.

  2. I understand Trisha. Part of what I teach people is to filter out the unwanted and to be able to open and close off at will. Good luck with the journey. It looks like you're working with things well.

  3. When I was a teenager my sister and I walked into a room and immediately we both had a 'oh no' reaction.Our mother had taken us to stay the weekend with a women who organised CND (Campaign for Nuclear Dissarmament)get-togethers -in the 80's !During the night I dreamt I was standing in fog and a man was coming towards me calling for help.His motorbike was on the floor behind him.He kept asking me ''help me,help me''.I was scared and said ''No,what do you want?Leave me alone...go away''.I felt like I'd been spinning in the middle of the room all night.When I woke up I felt a little disturbed and knackered......and my sister threw up ! My mum asked us what was wrong...when we went down for breakfast,the women we were staying with was sat there and had just got a phone call to say her son had been killed in a motobike accident that night.It was an uncomfortable moment-I didn't know what to do with it.//I used to stare at a van that for some reason used to get my attention,whenever I saw it.For some reason I always felt like whoever was driving it was depressed.Anway-I didn't make the connection between that and a dream I had of someone hanging themselves in a garage down the road.Turns out the van and the guy-same thing.Found out two years ago he committed suicide in his garage years later :-(.//My other sisters uncle was often unhappy.He'd chat with my mum for hours.It made me sad that he was unhappy-I liked him.Anyway,people move away etc.Years later,having not thought about him at all,I had a dream where he was sitting in a cell.It was dark and I couldn' see his face,but he told me he was ''okay now.I'm happy now''.He told me he'd been let out of prison.I woke up feeling calm.My mum rang later that day and she told me he'd been found dead that morning in a quarry-a place he used to like to go for walks apparently.//I've shared here (as I have on FB)-as it helps to share-for some reason.....//I've experienced 'smells' and I used to see auras around people-but only certain colours and not always.I also used to see colours moving from person to person-sometimes.And green rays coming down from the sky-sounds silly right ! I also woke up and knew immediately that my nephew was being born-I took the time and my sister comfirmed-I guess we are synched ! And I sat up very quickly in bed worrying about my grandmother in Germany-but it was early hours so didn't want to ring her.She 'd had an anyeurism.//Once I heard my mum call out my name really loudly-in my sleep- so I rang her in the morning.I asked her''yeh,what do you want?'' She said ''what do you mean?'' I said ''well you called me didn't you?'' She said ''I actually did-in my sleep''-said she'd shouted out my name-she'd been worried etc.We continued our coversation but concluded ''Hey,who needs phones,when we can do this !''It was kinda funny :-)//I remember telling my friend that I felt there was a boy waiting for me in the wings and he was going to have a huge impact on the direction of my life...and I guess most parents can say that at some point ! But at the time I was desperate for something bigger than myself to come to me and take me out of an unhappy situation-because I couldn't,at that time,do it for myself.I had a moment where I was really pulling for something.Years later a friend went to see someone in Portugal(with skills) who said they sensed that I'd 'called' for my son.Initially,although it resonated somehwere with me,I also dismissed it-until later on-when I started to remember.My son has autism (for want of a better explanation !) and he absolutely got me in gear to get out of that unhappy situation.My question to you would be:Do you believe we can call and be heard? Maybe it's a stupid question-given your experiences...Do you get called to places? beings?.I hope it's okay I've 'over-shared' maybe.Thankyou.