Thursday, February 16, 2012

Increase in Paranormal Activity

I’m hearing from a few people that paranormal activity is increasing in their areas.  I’m especially hearing this from locations that are somewhat arid and have long organized crime histories.  These are also areas that were homesteaded.  Have you heard of anything unusual going on in the paranormal world?


  1. Great, then my work should be popping :D I hope to see you Sunday, back to work after 5 days off, just depends how much energy I can stir up.

    Rob St.

  2. Trouble in the making!! I can attest to activity picking up in my location. All through out!! I think if ppl are feeling things are picking up they should take some classes. Don't you offer classes ? If so when and how much? I know I'd feel alot stronger and better equipped! Thank you

  3. What is 'homesteaded'?
    I saw some You Tube News footage few days ago.Was a compilation of sightings of 'something' coming down to earth.Whether there's a political/reptilian/alien.....or biblical whatever whatever-stuffs happening-connections....For sure there is an awakening of sorts happening....labelled good or bad-whatever-it's present.No personal experience in Paranormal activity as such :-),but I guess it depends on where ones focus is ! :-)