Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What do you think about house cleansing or clearings?

I find the topic one of diverse and often strong opinions.  In my own experience, most of the entities we find are either from other dimensions or are forms of energy, not trapped souls.  I also find that the vast majority of the time, people and paranormal entities can co-exist peacefully and well.  There are exceptions of course. 

Then comes the question of do the clearings/blessings work?  I have experienced a small number.  One was done by well intentioned people from a non-denominational Christian background.  Though the people involved with the clearing were saying it worked, I saw the entities laughing and mocking them.  And the activity continued, and got worse. 

I also know of cases where the entities were sent away, briefly, but came back with friends.  If the site isn’t also sealed against return, a cleansing can do far more harm than good.  The vacuum left is filled, often by entities that are nastier than the ones originally there, or else the old ones return with friends!

I’ve been to one cleansing that I could feel and see worked.  It was last weekend.  Native American traditions were at least part of the process, and the right plants were burned and ceremonies used to seal the property.  That doesn’t mean the residents can’t open the door again.  That’s always possible.

To me, cleansings are something that should only be done by expert with strong experience and knowledge in both removing what’s there, and keeping anything from returning!  What are your thoughts?


  1. Thank you for this article very much. This is the first common-sense article on the subject I have run across is a Lo-o-o-ng time. I have extremely little regard for most who call themselves "paranormal research societies". They all appear the same in looks, ages and personal aims. I wish thery would find another way to fill in their time without pretending to be "experts" just because they pick up photo or two. I have dealt with the spirit world for over 70 years. I am tired of seeing the ever-popular orbs being touted as proof of the spiritual. I am tired of a bunch of bored housewives catching one of the ghost hunting programs, the worst of which is the over-produced and scripted "Ghost Adventures", and copycatting all of their methods. These people are a danger to themselves and may someday meet with a real demonic entity. All the popular electronics in the world will not put them into many real situations. Running to every proven haunted place and finding some EVP's, etc., dose not prove them anything more than touirists. AND, worst of all, they show little respect for the dead. One group actually brags that they don't bother with investigations. Any call they get for assistance brings an automatic "cleansing" as they "don't bother taking time in any investigating. I hope this present influx of bored people dies down and lets the those who deserve to be called REAL service both the living and the dead. Thanks again. I am bookmarking your 'site. allan

  2. Fascinating.I borrowed a really good book some years ago,called Sacred Rituals...something like that.It was more based on cleaning your house,clapping for a bit-if deemed necessary and stuff like-making sure one gets clear on what one wanted the space to be filled with.It was a book all about Feng-sui....and mentioned a little about energies and includeed some Balinese rituals etc etc.Because I am someone who is very good at getting rid of clutter-like clutter clutter...I enjoyed the book immensely :-)Turns out I even got rid of that book in the end ! :-)