Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Nature of Ghosts!

What do you believe ghosts to be?  Trapped souls, psychic energy, a field of some sort?  This is a question I’ve been pondering for some time.  From my own experience, I think that what we call ghosts are not trapped souls, but are the energy from that person that is attached to an area or left behind.

This can be intelligent energy in that it can communicate with us, or what we call residual energy where a pattern or activity keeps repeating itself, regardless and unaware of what is going on around it.

With the psychic work I’ve done, I don’t find that what is left here feels complete and 3 dimensional enough to be a soul or the full essence of someone whom has died.  Instead, I have found that what is there is that part of a person’s energy, personality, intellectual activity, etc that was particularly active or important in the area.  This energy has left a recording.

That doesn’t mean that we can’t have more fully rounded conversations with the dead.  I have had people come visit me, but it’s very different.  They pop in to chat and go away again.  Quantum Mechanics and String Theory have been providing some possible explanations that make sense to me. It seems very possible that we can bleed through or cross into other universes or dimensions.  It is possible this is what happens when we have a conversation with a more complete being.

Crossing over between worlds might also account for some of the variety of creatures that make up some ancient mythology.  Maybe fairies, dwarfs, elves and such are real, but live in other dimensions.  Sometimes our worlds are close and we can see or interact between the barriers.  This fits with my own experience seeing something that looked more like a dwarf or an elf – I’m not sure which.  I saw him in a place I could tell was an opening, and he wasn’t fully in this plane.

What are your ideas and experiences with this?


  1. Great blog, William!

    I definitely do believe ghosts are made up of energy. I think a lot of hauntings are residual. Dramatic events I feel definitely make a imprint that can play over & over again. I always thought that some intellegent hauntings are caused by trapped souls though. Maybe these are people that died suddenly & don't realize it...making them earth bound. And... I also believe souls that have crossed over (which are most) can too communicate with us by crossing over between worlds. These are the "ghosts" that I believe I've seen before.

    Speaking of fairies, elves & other mythological creatures, Wiley read somewhere that they do exist & that they are manifestations of earth energies. It use to be where cultures believed more in them and it's people not believing that has been the cause of the earths decline.

  2. Thanks for the great comments Holly. And, I do want to believe in the mythological creatures and think I've seen one - just not sure where they are yet! Wiley's reading does make sense.

  3. A combination of all. There are many types of ghosts, not just one specific type. There are the "trapped souls", which are most likely the inner enegies of someone who has did in a dramatic or violent was at the place of the haunting. Probably, so suddenly, that their spirit didn't have time to completely move on. But, there are also the ones where it's more of an imprint where it's more just, say, a single photagraph taken in that place in another time. Of course, there are alos the visitors that come to say hello ar goodbye only for a short period of time. That being said, the belief in mythical creatures and other dimensions, I am very skeptical about. Bigfoot or the loch ness monster seem fairly reasonable to me, but the existance of fairies and unicorns seems pretty outrageous. Unless I see one with my own eyes, I will remain skeptical.

  4. Thanks Swoggy. Some good points. I had a friend who claims to have seen Nessie while painting on a promontory at Loch Ness. I wasn't with him at the time, so can't verify he wasn't pulling my leg!

  5. Wow ! I think an earlier question of mine may have just been answered.What you are saying makes sense.It's very refreshing to hear you check-in with your own experiences....not take anything for granted ! I guess,if you're alive alive-as we know it to be-anything we experience here,can only be from 'this' perspective-maybe.But then maybe,if we put everything through our's all one and the same....